The Top Same Sex Wedding Venues In Australia

Although the same sex weddings are not much appreciated in Australia but still, they are happening around. Many of the same sex wedding seekers are looking forward to the time when this will become their legal right. For the sake of those who are planning a wedding with their soul mate from the same sex we have collected some information about the dream venues. Here we have enlisted the top options:

  1. Pier One Sydney Harbor

This is close to the popular Sydney harbor. It is the best choice for those who are looking forward to enjoying the amazing sights and sounds of the Sydney Harbor. The visuals of the bridge hanging above the great water reservoir and the Walsh Bay are equally inspiring. The entry of the couple on the water transport like the boats, ferries, and similar can be a great experience for the same sex wedding venue as this. It also allows having a destination wedding close to the most beautiful waterfronts. Explore the Gantry restaurant for a warm setting.

  1. Sydney Glass Island

The vastness of the said harbor can turn out to be the dream venue for any same sex wedding ceremony. The planners often suggest using the vessels to sail to the destination. The guests can be transported to the island on the same vessels too so that they can have a fantasy ride by standing on the decks at the different levels. The wedding rituals can take place on these vessels as well. A total of more than 300 people can easily enjoy this unique wedding in all respects.

  1. Studio, Sydney Tower

The highest wedding venue for the special people is there in the heart of Sydney known as the Sydney Tower. It has an amazing studio created for the purpose of hosting a special event like the dream weddings. It rises above the height of 1000 feet and can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 200 guests. The space offers super discounts in certain times of the year. Away from the unwanted noise and urban hustle bustle this is an ideal place above the ground.

  1. Centennial Homestead

For those who want to enjoy the green around them the pastoral setting of the Centennial Homestead is the right venue. It has all the nature’s beauty that you would like to have around you like the trees, ponds, lush green tufts, and the lakes.

These are some of the most liked venues for the weddings and especially the same sex weddings in Australia. The weddings are unique in them and so the choice of a unique wedding ceremony setup can make them further fascinating.