Different Types Of Cleaning Services That Are Offered By Commercial Cleaners!


When you contact the cleaning companies, then the centre of concern is which type of cleaning you want for your place. Companies work for residential and for office cleaning services in melbourne. Here, we will provide you a list of services that are provided by the company.

But before we see which companies are providing which cleaning services. Let us see the difference between residential cleaning and office cleaning services.

What is the difference between residential and office cleaning services?

In both types, the main concern is the cleaning services provided by the companies. But which things have to be cleaned is the main concern.

Residential cleaning services:

In residential cleaning services the house cleaning comes. Like the internal parts of the home, carpets cleaning, and greenery cleaning. These all services are included in the residential cleaning.

Office cleaning services:

In the office cleaning services, various things are included. The office is a large building, and here you have to perform certain cleaning tasks like ac ducts, carpets, furniture, and many other things.

List of services provided by the cleaning company:
Basic office cleaning:

The first thing in the office cleaning services includes the basic cleaning. In this, all the furniture cleaning comes. All the waste material is thrown out of the office, and the furniture is polished. All the rooms and cabins are cleaned.

Deep cleaning:

In this type, all the detail cleaning is included. The company cleans all the things including all the cabinets, furniture, desks, carpets, air ducts, and all the things that are part of an office. Hence, this type of office cleaning services is selected by many people because it is amount saving at after a year there is a need to deep cleaning.

Ceiling or wall cleaning:

The other type of office cleaning services includes the detailed cleaning of the wall and ceiling. The areas where the dust ratio has high required this type of service. The walls and ceiling also get dirty after a year. So, to make them fresh and look attractive you have to select this type of cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning:

Sometimes you do not want the detailed cleaning of the office. If your office has a carpeted floor, then after six months it must be cleaned properly, otherwise, it will result in spreading the diseases. So, many companies are offering carpet cleaning services. You can select this option if you want to clean your carpets.


In a nutshell, various types of office cleaning services are included. You can adopt any of them that best suits your requirement. If you want to know about the prices, then every company has its price list that depends on the type of equipment they use for the cleaning services in docklands.