Pros And Cons Of Invisalign


If you have an attractive smile, you need properly aligned teeth for it. A good smile can be very important to enhance a person’s confidence. Unfortunately, few people are born with the teeth problem that their teeth are not properly aligned. In past, the dentist used metallic braces to align these teeth. The use of metallic braces was very effective in aligning the teeth but aesthetically they kill the look of your mouth and teeth. Those places are installed over the teeth and whenever a person will open their mouth anybody can see those braces and it can raise the eyebrows of a viewer. This was the reason that many people avoided going with the metal braces and except it to live life with their deformed teeth. But with the invention of Invisalign Point Cook, things have been changed now. Invisalign is it brand that creates a thin clear aligner that is used in orthodontic treatment. The Invisalign liners are made from a flexible thermoplastic material called a Smart track. As the name suggests Invisalign aligners are quite invisible as compared to metallic braces. Yes, they are not completely invisible but less notable as compared to the wires of traditional braces. 

The Invisalign aligners are not only used for aligning the teeth but they are also helpful in other dental Issues like open bite gap teeth crowded teeth etc. but not everything is good about Invisalign they also have some drawbacks. Here will be listing the pros and cons of the Invisalign. 


  1. As the name says Invisalign, they are less notable and practically invisible as compared to the braces. 
  1. This enhances their aesthetic appeal and people switch to Invisalign to reduce the attention of other people towards their teeth.
  2. You can easily remove them whenever you need whereas this facility was not available in the traditional braces
  3. The traditional braces were fixed in your teeth but the Invisalign can be removed help you to keep your teeth clean and brush them regularly
  4. The brackets of the traditional braces usually broke in the mouth which leads to further dental problems. Whereas with help of Invisalign, no such problems occur. 


  1. for complex dental issues, the invisible line cannot be helpful as they are only suitable for aligning up to the certain extent
  2. As compared to traditional braces, the Invisalign needs more time for alignment of the teeth. This means you have to wear the aligner for 20 hours a day minimum. Usually having the ease of putting them off whenever you want makes them less effective because people remove them frequently. But the traditional braces were fixed and they can’t be removed without the help of a dental expert, so the results of traditional braces are more effective and faster.
  3. You cannot eat while having Invisalign in your mouth. The food particles will stick in the Invisalign and that can cause bacteria in your gums or teeth.